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Contemporary Interior Design - Spring Ideas

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

With spring just around the corner, we wanted to give you a heads up of our personal favourite products that will transform your home into a spring garden of Eden. With a contemporary interior design and a minimalist approach in our hearts and minds, we have compiled this list to cultivate a bright warm spring feeling that you can add to any room.

Not only that, but we have chosen those items special to St Ives and what we believe can bring a touch of the Cornish coast to your houses and homes no matter where you hang your hat.

Interior Lighting

Here we have a selection of three stunning interior light options that will give your home a beachy vibe but with both a classic and contemporary finish.

The Garbrovo wood floor lamp and its driftwood style finish is a perfect addition to any lounge corner. This floor lamp reminds us of early morning brisk beach walks on our very own Gwithian Beach. The driftwood often washes up on the sandy shores and gives us hints of what it could be like as the sun rises on a peaceful desert island.

With Cornwall’s extensive marine history, the Tripod Marine floor lamp as a perfect addition to the lounge or study of any budding sailor or weekend water fairer. This ships spotlight replica is an ideal addition to any marine styled interior.

If a more tropical vibe is your thing, then the Rattan Lamp could be exactly what you are looking for. It reminds us of the tropical feel at Gyllyngvase Beach in the spring flower awakening. We recommend placing the lamp in a room full of greenery. A plant-filled conservatory or by a window ledge brimming with flora and fauna would be an ideal backdrop for this lighting idea.

This stunningly finished teak wood floor lamp is the perfect accompaniment to any living space. It will add an element of class and classic to any space and is an ideal addition to any modern contemporary lounge or study.

Furniture Range

Comfortable yet modern is the phrase we used to help pick out these three exquisite items. We have opted for these products as they add an element of the contemporary vibe you came here for, but also with levels of comfort that could be forgotten when filling your home with modern decor.

The Joplin sofa range is the perfect item of furniture for those continually looking to Feng Shui their living space. With oozing comfort and exceptional design, this sofa range has everything from two-seaters to snugglers and footstools, making it as versatile as it is stunning.

Whether it is a family seating space or to create a comfortable reading space next to your favourite window, this range is our go-to living room addition for those lazy spring Sundays.

With so many people working from home, the Bergen oak corner desk is an ideal addition to those now popular home offices. If you lack the space to spread out or have a full-sized computer desk, this product could be the answer you are looking for.

You can tuck it into any corner giving you the extra space to expand either side and is an ideal size for a laptop or computer monitor making your eight-hour shifts at home, far more comfortable.

Its flip-down drawer, situated at the front of the desk, is a perfect storage space for stationery and keyboard.

This impressive bookcase and unit combination is a perfect addition to your lounge area. Bookshelves can sometimes make your room look smaller and cluttered, but with this wonderful piece, you can mix up your books with your favourite spring flowers and ornaments. The wood finish is a classic for Cornish decor and a beach feel, adding a rustic yet modern look to your sitting room, study or bedroom.

Our collection of incredible furniture and lighting extends far beyond these six products, and we urge you to peruse our website more deeply as we know you will find the perfect compliment for home. If you would like to discuss any more ideas for your spring interior home designs, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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