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Blomus - A Modern Bathroom

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

With contemporary design as one of the most critical factors for us at Sand Cornwall, we would like to bring your attention to the remarkable brand Blomus. Sand has gathered a collection of Blomus homeware products that will turn your bathroom into a contemporary masterpiece that will become a talking point of your home.

The Blomus brand

Rooted in German history, Blomus are a brand that looks at intelligent design with a minimalist finish for all their products. Each product’s architecture has been masterfully pieced together to bring you functionality with cutting-edge interior design. This family-run business produce timelessly designed items with a quality that will last a lifetime.

With its lovely soft touch feel and rounded design, the Blomus tumbler is a cosy home for your toothbrushes. Whether its a family affair or a bachelor/bachelorette pad, the tumbler is a perfect stand out small piece that oozes the modern vibe.

Price £14.50

The Blomus storage box is a perfect place to hide your everyday soap bars. The soft-touch lid, glides effortlessly into the box, allowing for an attractive storage option if you are sick of seeing a used soap bar on your bathroom side. If keeping everything co-ordinated and minimalistic is important to you, but can’t find the soap to match, then why not hide it away in this beautiful storage box. Alternatively, if you are happy to have your bar out, then pop your soap on top of the box, lid on, and let the extra moisture drip away.

The Storage box/Soap dish is available in more colours.

Price £18.50

In the stunning Moonbeam tones, our Blomus vanity mirror is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. With its five times magnification and removable circular glass, the vanity mirror will help you start your day the right way. Take it away to any room you require, and once your preparations are complete, you can slip it back into its holder with ease.

The vanity mirror is available in more colours.

Price £37.00

The Blomus peddle bin turns what should be a boring bathroom product, into a stunning addition to any stylish home. It has an internal compartment for ease of changing your bin bag, and its easy-close design means that you don’t have to worry about taking it easy on the pedal as it does all the work for you.

The Pedal bin is available in more colours.

Price £66.00

With our extensive range of fragrances, you are sure to find a perfectly scented candle for your romantic candlelit bath. Whether for a day of self-care or self-indulgence or even a stunning gift for someone you love, our beautiful concrete finish candles are a perfect idea. Lay back in a hot bath and allow the scents and smells to whisk you away to a land of relaxation after a hard days work.

Our candles come in a wide variety of fragrances for you to explore.

Price ranging from £12.95 - @29.95

Blomus is so much more than just our bathroom range. With a vast selection of products that vary from lighting to fire pits, there is sure to be something that will inspire you to adorn your interior design projects with some exquisite finishing pieces. See our full range here.

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