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Top 10 Kitchenware Gifts and Accessories

For our final Christmas related gift blog, we head over to the place where all the parties take place, the kitchen.

The kitchen is that part of the house that seems to draw people in. Whether that’s where you choose to have your snacks, your wine storage, or if you are spending all of the early hours on Christmas day preparing your fabulous lunch, the kitchen is sure to be one of the most visited areas of your home.

Here we have compiled some of our best kitchenware to delight those that love to spend time in the most popular part of the house.

What better way to celebrate a beautiful family Christmas or the beginning of a new year than by popping open a lovely bottle of bubbly. Once the kids are settled and the fireworks have been and gone, merrily singing Auld Lang Syne while sipping on your favourite sparkling beverage is the only way to welcome the new year.

If bubbly isn’t your thing, we can offer you both red and white wine glasses too.

If you are more of a whisky drinker, then the Tumbler Glass from Broste, Copenhagen could be your go-to. The glass itself features a beautiful bubble finish laced into the glass, adding character to your Old Fashioned and making it more of a talking point than a generic glass whisky tumbler.

You can also enjoy port, brandy or any other hot on the throat beverage too.

Simplistic by design with a touch of quirkiness, the Rader gourmet plate makes for a fantastic dish to serve up your Christmas feast. With loads of space for those who want extra roasties, you won’t need to go up for seconds with this on the table. Its rough edge finish adds to the aesthetics of this modern piece of kitchenware.

We also do a small version. Same simplicity, only less space.

Christmas day would be the same without your usual classic chocolate boxes. Those large tins we know and love that contain all your favourite chocs are adorning the supermarket shelves en mass this time of year. If you are putting on a spread, and want to be rid of the sightly now plastic tins, then why not use the stunning undulating glass bowl to spread a little cheer for your chocolates.

The beauty of the bowl is, you can use it all year round. So top it up with chocolates from December this year all the way to the next, or even fruit if you end up having one too many mince pies this holiday season.

Throwing a party or two this holiday season? There is no better way to keep your wine or prosecco cool than using the award-winning Rader concrete wine cooler.

The cooler itself, made from concrete just as it says, will add a touch of rustic magic to your home each time it is used.

The Blomus Froma Cheese Cutter is as stylish as it is useful. A cheese and cracker evening snack is often the finest route to take after a heavy lunch, not only that, but it goes very well with a nice evening red or mulled wine The metallic finish oozes class, but even though its hard to ignore how pleasing it is to the eye, it will also make your life much easier when chopping your favourite mature cheddar.

This must-have accessory for wine lovers is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The only thing we are worried about is if 12 bottles are going to be enough? This matt nickel-plated steel finish, adds a touch of va va voom to any room.

Want to showcase your bottles elsewhere? Its lightweight design means that it is easily moved from the kitchen to anywhere else you choose to entertain, plus its classy finish goes with any furniture.

If you don’t want to serve your Christmas dinner with odds and ends or different plates, then the Nordic Sea Dinner Set is an option that could save the day. This stunning mix of two sizes of plate and set of bowls are the perfect way to send out your turkey and stuffing.

One of the cutest pieces that we have, the Gold Heart Teacup makes for a perfect gift for the great British tea lover. Whether it’s Earl Grey, English breakfast, or Moroccan mint, the lovely little teacup is a wonderful way to serve a good old cuppa.

These gorgeous mystic tree bone china mugs are decorated with real gold . The artwork adorned upon them is a beautiful wintery scene, making those evening hot chocolates (maybe with a dash of baileys) that much more special. They come in a beautiful presentation box that makes for a perfect gift box or container if you wish to store them away for safekeeping.

These are but ten of our favourites on offer within our kitchen range. However, our collection is vast, so if nothing on the list quite hits the mark for you this Christmas, be sure to have a stroll through our website, we assure you that we have something for everyone.

May you all have the most wonderful Christmas and new year.

Sand Cornwall

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