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Furniture Trends 2022

What fresh furniture looks can you expect from year 2022?

Traditional Details

Tradition is making a return. Although there will always be a place for the contemporary, it would seem that leather chairs and traditional looking furniture is making a comeback.

It's not all about finish though, it's also about shape and style. High backs and curved furnishings are all the rage. Small and square will have to take a back seat for now.

Our Sofa Range is the perfect way to style your 2022 living room. With elegant looks, which combines both the trending traditional with the modern, you can turn your seating area into something gorgeous, comfortable and hard to leave.

Home Work Rooms

Home Workrooms are a space for your children to do their school work after hours. With children leading the way in creativity and design, having a lovely space for your kids to work in comfort is ideal for creating an inspirational learning environment.

Soft furnishings that are comfortable with the addition of work surfaces, both in the form of a desk, and potentially something closer to the floor will help your kids shift around the room while working hard, especially if they struggle to sit still for long periods.

Ensuring there is a strong wifi connection and plenty of plug sockets is also a must.

Lasting Style

What is lasting style? It's a step away from cheap and cheerful, buying items and furnishings that have longevity. This has stemmed from the want to become more sustainable. Buying items that cost less, can often mean you are left spending more over time. But splashing out on items of furniture that will last you year after year, is the new trend.

The Montreux Grey Washed Oak & Soft Grey Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture for your lounge. As we mentioned above, the coffee table, and many others like it, have a traditional vibe but are built to last.

Curved Furnishings

Much like King Arthur and his court of Camelot, round is the new trend. Curved furniture like our Ellipse Rustic Oak Coffee Table is taking centre stage. It isn’t reserved for just coffee tables however, curved furniture can be anything from, sofas, chairs, and mirrors too.

Statement lighting

Lighting is taking a new direction in 2022. They are no longer reserved for just utility and are starting to be used as some visually striking decor that can wow both you and your visitors.

Using your lighting to create a welcoming space, or a dynamic area in your living areas can create an ambience that will make it a space you wish to remain in for the entire evening.

With so many options for good lighting, the hardest part will be choosing which lights for which rooms.

Colours of the year

Although different sources have stated slightly different results in regard to colour, we have narrowed it down to three.

The trending colours of the year are varying hues of green and blue, with hints of lavender. What this means to us, is that designers are looking for new products, furniture and housewares that will give a calming feel to your 2022 homes.

This is understandable considering what we have all been going through the past two years. If you are considering a home wellness space, please do have a read of our blog which will help you in all aspects of creating a calming space in your home.


With 2022 already in full flow, you are ready to take on the trends that will create a perfect modern, yet traditional, well-lit space that you can enjoy for years to come. Here’s to a magnificent year of interior design, and turning your house into a home.

If you need anything else or have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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