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Our top 10 Christmas Decorations

With the rapidly decreasing temperatures, heartwarming John Lewis ads and the promise of a white Christmas this year, the only thing you can guarantee, is how well your home is decorated.

As we are now able to entertain once more with no threat of Christmas having to be behind closed doors this year. You are once again free to invite family and friends over for a soiree of mulled wine, cheeses, and fanciful mince pies. After such a long period of time, the thrill of entertaining is once again here, so why not make it extra special.

We have split our favourites into categories to make it easier for you to find them.

● For the tree

● For the table

● For the hors d’oeurves

For the tree

Nothing says Christmas like decorating a tree. These wonderful glass baubles are a stunning addition to your tree, adding beautiful images of birds perched on snowy trees, stags in a winter woodland and town blanketed in snow.

Not only do these lovely additions steer far away from the usual Christmas tat that can be forgotten about after a single season, but the timeless baubles will make you want to keep your tree up far beyond January.

If you fancy something more on the pattern front or add a few more glassy accessories to your tree, you could also add the Christmas Baubles set of four.

If like us, you are obsessed with fancy lighting, then the LED lighting Bauble would be an ideal accompaniment to your decorations. They give off a soft warm light, which when surrounded by real feathers, give off a perfect ambience that can light up your tree or chosen decorative centre point.

This is a large decoration, so would be more suited to a big tree or above a table or fireplace.

This beautiful decoration is as versatile as it is stunning. Its delicate design can be placed into a tree, for an elegant snowflake finish or can be hung from a ceiling or other decorative spot, to add a hint of magic to your Christmas themed home.

The silver finish will reflect the warm golden light from a fireplace, or lamp, giving your chosen decorative areas a sparkle of Christmas spirit.

For the table

Rader designs are the epitome of simplistic design paired with eye-stopping atmosphere. The half-timbered lighthouse does exactly that. Its all-white finish adds to the Christmas theme during the day, but as the lights dim, the glow and magic appear. This decorative house creates two wildly different feels during the day and evening. And as the evening draws in, its wonderful light appears, making it a centrepiece for any winter theme realm.

If you wish to create a wondrous winter-themed village, there are plenty of other house shapes and finishes to help you here.

If you are looking for a perfect evening centrepiece to decorate your table, then look no further. The LED infused sphere creates a wonderful warm glow, which is perfect for after-dinner beverages, and your cheese platter. With its two little houses sitting atop a scene of glowing stars, it will no doubt be a talking point while the evening winds up all the way through to when your grandparents are asleep on the sofa.

To complete our Rader LED range, we finish with the light-up fir tree.

There isn’t much more Christmassy than fir trees laden in snow, and by adding some of the more mini lights from our Fir tree range, you soon have a wonderland of firs glowing up your table and causing your guests to stare in wonder.

The Fir trees also come in small and medium sizes too.

If a more natural light is your thing, then this cute porcelain tealight holder, ordained with a family of penguins is ideal. The soft flicker of a tealight, encompassed by our birdy friends can delight everyone from a small child to your grandmother.

For the hors d’oeurves

Serving up snacks to your guests has always been a way to welcome them into your home. The quality of the food provided used to be the talking point of every party guest, and those hungry tummies are often the make or break of a gathering.

Whatever you choose to serve at your Christmas knees up, impress your guests with the dazzling porcelain plate. Its attention to detail will surpass the expectations of your party-goers, enchanting them whether you are serving pineapple and cheese on sticks, or caviar sprinkled blinis.

Much like the above, this porcelain alternative, showcases a wood of snow-covered fir trees, with tiny footprints, giving the observer not only some delightful snacks but a sense of adventure and fascination.

Each one of the three delicate bowls tells a story. Their handcrafted finish and quirky design are an impeccable way to serve up the fanciest of hors d’oeurves. They can be used for singular dishes or as a set, but however you use them, it will be sure to create a stir. Not only that but there is no need to put them away once the season has ended. This set can be used no matter event or reason to celebrate.

These are just a few of our favourites for the Christmas home of our dreams. So whether you are looking to spruce up your tree, create a wonderland scene or make sure your snacks are looking impeccable, we have all the choices for you.

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