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A Garden Makeover

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

A Sand Cornwall Summer Suggestion

With the current pandemic making our outdoor lives a much more stressful place to go, our gardens have taken a new lease of life. More and more, we are spending time hanging out in our garden environments, which in turn, has pushed us to make a lot more out of our smaller outdoor spaces.

We have everything you need for a cosy evening out in your garden, turning into a space for relaxation and escapism, in a time where that can be somewhat challenging.

Arriving ready for our spring season, the Cosiloft 100 fire pit is a stunning addition to your garden makeover. Its simplistic design, matched with a perfect centrepiece of garden furniture, creates a perfect space for your evening garden escapades. Those chilly spring evenings will be thwarted with a cosy fire to sit around while enjoying your favourite beer or wine as the sun goes down.

The Nara Platform set is the epitome of comfort in an outdoor setting. This contemporary garden furniture set will be a place to lounge luxuriously and a place to sit and chat for hours. The built-in side tables are a perfect addition to ensure that you have space and comfort to enjoy a few drinks with friends and family.

Our double hanging chair is made with a synthetic half round rattan weave that is completely weatherproof. This perfect spring/summer addition makes for an impeccable reading spot for both you and your partner to share. Or if you want to use it alone, why not wrap yourself up in our Sand Cornwall blankets and nap those days away on this incredibly comfortable feature.

For a beach-themed garden or to help replicate a warming campfire, the Timber Fire Lantern is a wonderful accompaniment to any outdoor relaxation space. Its subtle, minimal design can be placed and shifted around the garden to whichever space suits your mood, bringing with it the atmosphere of an open fire.

Whatever your garden makeover desires are, we have something to suit you. Our pieces are strategically chosen to help create a wonderful ambience and luxurious comfort that will make you wish that it was a garden day every day.

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