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Autumnal Room Design Trends

As the mornings and nights turn darker and the weather starts to turn cold and wet, our need to create a nest of cosiness in our homes becomes apparent. How can we shift our once summery décor into a place of contemporary autumnal warmth? We hope to help you to achieve this in today's article.

Trends have a tendency to reappear from year to year. Some will make a short sharp return, and some will never be seen again. But when we are talking about seasonal trends, you know that each year your favourite pieces that correspond with the season we are entering will be able to make a return.

Autumnal colours and rustics

I think we all know which colours autumn is all about. So we won’t ponder too much on this subject. However, with the right combinations and tones, you can create the perfect backdrop for your evenings reading by the fire or being sat out in the garden on those frosty evenings before the winter rolls in.

Surrounding yourself with warm yellows and oranges can create a warm atmosphere even when the cold air is creeping outside the windows. Being surrounded by warm colours can give the illusion of warmth, plus if you are based in the U.K and those crisp sunny mornings are being overrun with rainy days, the sun-like glow of orange can really help to push out those gloomy grey days and make you forget what's going on outside the window.

Having items like the Boa Pumpkin pure new wool blanket at hand is not only a great way to stay warm on those colder evenings but also perfect for accompaniment for Halloween and cosying up with your loved one on the sofa. We love our blankets so much and love their versatility. One moment it can be used as a simple throw and the next they could be helping keep in the heat while you sit in the garden with a steaming cup of tea.

Wooden finishes and warm earthy brown tones are also a perfect go-to colour for your autumn-themed rooms. Although wooden furniture can be used for all seasons, we find that they are especially beautiful when surrounded by natural tones of orange, green and yellow to match the woodlands this time of year.

The Belgrave Rustic Oak coffee table is a perfect addition to your lounge space, giving you a stunning wood centrepiece for your hot beverages and perhaps some small decorative pieces such as the Powder Beaded vase to hold your dried wildflowers. If you wanted to get extra creative, you could add a plant-based centrepiece or even wrap ivy around the legs of your coffee table.

Natural forms in your décor

Incorporating objects with a natural persona can transport your room into a haven of mother nature. As we mentioned in our previous paragraph, having objects inspired by nature while being surrounded by autumnal colours and tones is the way to go when designed a fall-themed room.

Items like the Broste cotton rug in rustic brown can quickly change the feel of a room. Its rustic brown finish can turn a lounge, dining room or conservatory, giving it a warm soft feel. A rug can be a great way to alter the feel of an area with minimal fuss. Plus they are easy to store away if you want to alter your theme again once the winter and Christmas vibe come into season. Not only that, but you can shift them from room to room easily if you decide to make changes. They are one of the most adaptable household items you can have.

As the light falls and the curtains close, there is no better way to create a cosy atmosphere than the grey wash wood lantern floor lamp. The stunning design of wooden slats with chrome and rope finish helps to produce an elegant soft light that urges you to sink deeply into the back of your sofa while watching your favourite show or getting engrossed in a new novel.

If you want to make the most of your outside area before the evenings get too cold, then why not create a campfire vibe with our Cosicement fire lantern or Cosiscoop fire lantern. Both produce a warming flame while the design is both contemporary and rustic. Paired with your favourite Sand Cornwall blanket, you can be well prepared for a beautiful evening of dinner, wine and warmth.

An autumnal conclusion

Where some may opt for a more modern finish in their homes, to which we often agree, there is something about the autumn months that makes us feel like hibernating. Whether it is the sudden change in temperature or the longing for those sunny but frosty mornings that winter often gifts us, autumn time and the slowly changing of colours in nature makes us want to cosy up at home.

By incorporating just a few changes in your home, you can quickly turn your home into a den of comfort and warmth. The blending of deep yellows, warm oranges, earthy browns and pine greens help to bring about the changing of seasons, fresh starts, the slow shift to the winter months and big comfy jumpers.

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