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How to create a home wellness space

The key to creating a home wellness space, in our opinion, is to focus on the five human senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are imperative to creating a tranquil room. In this article, we shall break down each sense and provide you with tips on simulating each to give you a relaxing experience that you can utilise every day.

In today’s stressful environment, it is more important than ever to make sure you have that safe space to unwind or get away from it all, and as travel has become somewhat tricky, creating a space to escape it all can make all the difference.

Home Wellness Space - Sight sense

Our sense of sight is under a constant barrage of information. But it doesn’t take too much effort to create a calming space for your eyes.

  • Digital technology and phones. We often fall into the trap of constant scrolling and often don’t stop to think about the detrimental effects of it.

  • Decluttering. A cluttered room is not a pleasant environment. That clutter can cause us stress and have us thinking about cleaning and tidying our homes instead of relaxing and destressing.

  • Minimalistic. Having just a few focus pieces of decor are far more effective than littering the area with hundreds of separate elements. Beautiful vases that you can fill with flowers or a painting of the ocean or whatever makes you feel at peace will work effectively. Overfilling your space, even with beautiful objects, can create a sensory overload.

Home Wellness Space - Sound sense

Sound can calm your senses when used correctly. There is a lot of personal preference to the sounds that can help you relax, and much like all of our suggestions, they are exactly that, suggestions for you to explore and find what works for you.

  • Music. Music can soothe your soul and help you to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. We all have different tastes when it comes to music genres, but either way, we all have that playlist that makes us sigh with relief.

  • Silence. If you find that you are in a noisy environment during your working hours, perhaps silence is key? Having your favourite novel on the coffee table waiting for you to sit and enjoy in silence is a perfect escapism.

Home Wellness Space - Smell sense

Your sense of smell can transport you to any location. Whether it’s the seaside, the woods, or a field of chamomile and lavender, having the right scents in your wellness room can help you drift away to another world.

  • Pick a scent that reminds you of your favourite place. It doesn’t even have to be a place you have been before, but just one that you can picture in your mind. If you wish to feel like you are in a Canadian Pine forest? Choose a pine scent candle or oil to burn. A beach? Perhaps a sea salt and sage?

  • Avoid food smells. As much as you may like the scent of freshly baked bread, these scents will just make you hungry.

Home Wellness Space - Touch sense

Hugs are healing, as is stroking your pet, but what will work when those things aren’t available?

  • Soft items. Having a Sand Cornwall merino wool blanket to wrap yourself in gives you a sense of security. Soft furnishings, such as cushions, blankets and even a comfortable chair, will help to ease you into a relaxation space considerably faster. If you are uncomfortable or even cold, you will find it more difficult to get yourself into that calming space you desire.

  • If you find yourself searching for your phone through habit, why not hold a cushion and feel its fibres against your fingertips. Although, if you have a pet, we recommend you stroke that instead, as there is nothing like a purring kitty to ease your mind.

Home Wellness Space - Taste sense

We won’t get involved in the age-old argument about which is better, Tea or Coffee, but we can give you some tasty tips on taste and your home wellness space.

  • Grab yourself a hot drink. Whether it’s tea, a herbal concoction, coffee or our personal favourite, hot chocolate, give yourself a moment to sit, relax and enjoy your favourite beverage. Take the time to experience every sip, take in the flavours and scents and feel the drink warming you from the inside as you quaff it.

  • In the same manner, if you choose to eat your dinner in your wellness space, prepare something delicious and take your time to notice the flavours. Use your favourite dining ware, and take the time to present your meal beautifully. The act of food preparation can be a very relaxing one. If cooking is not your thing, why not order in from your favourite place, light some candles, turn on your favourite calming music, and enjoy the whole experience.

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