Rader Design Stories decorative porcelain tea light "What a beautiful life"


RADER home office, "because lovely things brighten your day".


Whether in the home office or your workplace, this porcelain tea light makes a practical desk decoration or a delightful ornament on the little table in the hallway as a pretty eye-catcher.  


The creations of the new "Ink Blue" series embellish everyday life and work with these delicate watercolours.


Discover our ink-blue stories and be inspired by the colour of the sky and the sea! Elegant accessories crafted from glazed and unglazed porcelain, There’s a delicacy and simplicity to their designs, which makes every piece enchanting, and a little bit magical, too which makes the perfect gift.

Rader Decorative Tea Light

SKU: 14460
  • Material: porcelain with print