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COLUNA Flowerpot by Blomus


Available in five different sizes, the COLUNA flower pot can be used for implementing all your creative planting ideas, either on its own or arranged in a group. Despite being made of robust polystone for durability, this flower pot looks brittle and unprocessed, giving it a delicate feel. With its characteristic porous surface, the understated dark grey colour of the container will contrast beautifully with the flowers and plants that you choose to grow inside it. In order to keep your surfaces scratch-free, these flower pots all feature a non-slip felt pad on the base, which should also keep the pot in place to prevent breakage.


Also available in light grey.

Blomus COLUNA Flower Pot Dark Grey

VAT Included
  • XL Diameter: 34cm Height: 32cm

    L Diameter: 26cm Height: 24cm

    M Diameter: 18cm Height: 16.5cm

    S Diameter: 14cm Height: 14.5cm

    XS Diameter: 11cm Height: 12.5cm

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