How to make your conservatory look cosy

Updated: Apr 28

Whether the spring and summer months bring an occasional stream of sunshine or the brown hues of autumn leaves are dropping, the time to create a cosy conservatory burrow is upon us.

Whether you have a vast conservatory area or one of more modest size, there are still many things you can do to create that perfect relaxation domain at your home.

No matter the space you have, to create an area of zen-like comfort, you must ensure that your room is not cluttered, is comfortable, and gives you the sense of calm you love.

Soft Furnishings

Who doesn’t love some soft furnishings? They are comfortable, soft and warm, and although those summer months may not require the same amount of covering up as your winter months, there is no reason why the same furnishings can be used for all seasons.

So firstly, by furnishings we mean cushions, blankets and throws. All items that won't break the bank and can be easily stored if you want to change things up by season

We don’t believe that you can have too many cushions. Smaller cushions should be placed on all of your sitting furniture. Just make sure there is still room to lay back and relax. Matching your furniture’s colour tones with your cushions can help turn a somewhat chaotic image into a soft, passive look that will calm the senses.

Large cushions can be placed on the floor areas for those who prefer a lay about experience. They can be perfect for those who like to shift into the sunny spots for their reading, instead of being stuck on a sofa or armchair. Not only that, but large cushions can also be an excellent spot for your pets who may wish to join you on your relaxing days and evenings.

Blankets are never a bad idea. A soft blanket can soothe you, bringing warmth and comfort no matter the location. In those winter months, they will help you wrap up and get warm. In the summer months, they act as an evening cover-up for when the temperature drops. Blankets are probably the most versatile of the soft furnishings we recommend.