How to clean your blanket

Updated: Apr 28

A Sand Cornwall Cleaning Guide

Blankets are one of those products that travel with us. Whether you are wrapping yourself up on the sofa to watch a Netflix series, or if you are taking it with you to lie on at the beach, the blanket is a versatile product that we all love.

Because of all this use, they need some TLC to ensure that they are kept clean and comfy. The right love and care will make sure your Sand Cornwall blanket will remain your go-to, cosy cuddle up product, and keep it as soft as the first day you bought it.

Here is our guide on how to clean your blanket.

Wool Blanket

Our pure new wool blankets are a soft touch and incredibly beautiful. To keep that cosy feel for a summer picnic or a winter by the fire, we recommend you follow these easy cleaning steps to get the most out of your Sand Cornwall wool blankets.

  • Shake your blanket outside. This will remove any of the larger particles clinging to the fabric.

  • Leave to air. Airing your blanket can get rid of some odours that have clung to the wool. If the smell persists, then a gentle spray of a product such as Febreze can help.

If your wool blanket needs to be washed, then we recommend you follow these steps.

  • Either hand wash or machine wash, but at no more than 30 degrees.

  • Rinsing and spinning must be kept to a minimum, makes sure you use the lowest settings possible.

  • Press the excess water out but do not twist it out.

  • Dry the blanket flat so that the wool doesn’t stretch. Do not tumble dry.

The Alpaca wool, lambswool and Merino wool can be cared for in the same way.

Cotton Blanket

Our cotton blankets are stunning, light and a perfect addition to any living space, picnic or stargazing adventure. Our cotton blankets are easy to look after and machine washable. Much like the wool blankets, the cotton will still require a good clean occasionally and to get the most out of them, we recommend following these steps.

  • Shake your blanket outside. This will remove any of the larger particles clinging to the fabric. A gentle brush can also help get rid of pet hair or suc