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Summer House Decor Ideas - How to create a beach house vibe

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you like your summers full of warmth, brightness and vibrance, then look no further. This guide on summer house decor ideas will provide you with all the inspiration you need to create an idyllic indoor space.

When creating this article, the first question we asked ourselves is what is it about summer that makes it so special?

Is it the warm rays of the sun? The scattered wildflowers in full bloom, or is it the scents of the seaside? We couldn’t decide because they all mean summer for us, and being based in sunny St Ives, in Cornwall, we are blessed to have all these aspects on our doorstep.

So how can you bring those beautiful Cornish summer vibes to your summer house?

A Beach Theme

No matter where you choose to hang your hat, a summer house beach theme is always a winner. They remind you of holidays both on the great coasts that the UK have to offer, but also those sun-drenched beaches abroad, something we haven’t had enough of in recent times.

Summer at the beach is a very typical British pastime full of making memories, fish and chips, building sandcastles, and a few cheeky seagulls. Bringing those classic emotions into your summer house decor ideas can transform your space into a summer getaway.

Add Some Flowers

A ledge isn’t complete without a plethora of contrasting coloured flowers ordaining it. Matching your hues with the perfect vase can underline the beauty of your flower collections, bringing that fresh wildflower smell to your room.

If you suffer from hayfever, and the thought of having flowers close by makes your nose itch, then a simple diffuser can ignite the senses in a similar way to a bunch of fresh flowers.

A Throw For Your Prosecco Party

Having a throw at hand is always a must for those lazy days of sun-worshipping. We like to keep our sunshine reading hours complemented with an ice-cold glass of prosecco. Having a throw readily available in your summer house means you can either find that patch of sun to lay in or quickly take yourself out on the veranda to enjoy a relaxing, well-deserved glass of your favourite while imagining those salty scents and crashing waves on your doorstep.

Your Summer Storage Options

A beach theme wouldn’t be complete without some Rattan in your space. Rattan and seagrass are the storage go-to for any beach themed decor. Some storage for your summer house is imperative. A small seagrass container or basket adds utility to your space and fits the part, blending into your beach theme environment.

Summer Ambience

Last but not least, lighting. We are huge fans of fancy lighting options. Once again, we have to go with some Rattan or Rope options for your lighting choice. Coordinating your theme helps create the atmosphere you desire, and the right lighting can add a great sense of ambience to your summer house. When the warm sunlight starts to disappear on the horizon, but the BBQ’s are still in full flow, you will want to keep your summer house well lit.

By combining these ideas to create your beachy theme, your summer house will not only remind of you those great British summer holidays but perhaps you can also give yourself a taste of the Cornish shores no matter where your closest beach may be.

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