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Sand Cornwall’s guide to Rader gifts

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you are looking for a gift with lasting appeal, with a message of love or even just to let someone know that they are special to you, then we have the inspiration.

Rader Design Stories uniquely focus on refined materials, porcelain, paper and wood. Creating works of art for your home since 1968, with a stunning gift collection that will lift and inspire. With so many options to choose from, deciding on the right gift can be a laborious affair. But worry not, we are here to help.

Here at Sand Cornwall, St Ives, we have collated a comprehensive list of suggestions for you to peruse. Hopefully, these products will help inspire you and ease that decision-making process giving you peace of mind, providing you with a beautiful gift for that special person.

This charming set of mini vases are the perfect addition to any windowsill or coffee table. Keep them plain or add your favourite flowers, these part-glazed porcelain vases will add an atmosphere of love to your living room.

This fascinating storytelling vase brings with it an air of fantasy. The minimalistic design which showcases beautiful goldfish swimming around the bathing dreamer can turn any tabletop into a fable.

Although there are many lighthouses in our range, compromising of both seasonal and your everyday decoration, the treehouse is one of our favourites. During the day, this little house with etched tree embedded into it is elegant and delightful. As soon as the lights go out, and the lighthouse is illuminated, the treehouse awakens with an ambience that you will cherish for years to come.

Our favourite bowl by Rader. This delightful swimming pool bowl is a fun way to store your jewellery or showcase it on your vanity dresser. Its delicate design of a bather with gold ripples of water add a little bit of magic to your boudoir.

This porcelain decoration will add an element of allure to any room. Its exquisite design creates a perfect centrepiece for your guests to admire, and with the light emanating from it, it will create an atmosphere worthy of any gathering.

This award-winning wine cooler is a perfect way to keep your favourite beverage cool on those sunnier days. Its striking finish embossed with the words ‘save water drink wine’ makes it our Sand go-to gift for all our fellow wine drinkers.

Organise your short stem flowers with this beautiful set of vases. They are available in various colours and are a perfect gift for anyone who takes pride in their home and loves to embellish it with the bright hues of wildflowers. They look perfect on your sun-soaked window ledge.

Our collection of Rader products is not limited to the above. Our range is huge and offers only the best in homeware products to make your rooms shine with magic and wonder.

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